Eating Clean in Between

Eating Clean in Between



Now that we have all had the turkey with all of the trimmings, I have an idea.

I personally invite you to join me in, “EATING CLEAN IN BETWEEN HOLIDAYS”.  I do realize that many holidays are being recognized this time of year.  For the sake of simplicity lets focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas to define our in between.  Now let me outline for you what I am choosing to do for the next 23 days.  I am eliminating all meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods and drinks.  I am going to focus on eating an abundance of vegetables (mostly raw, but some cooked), fruits (in moderation), and drinking adequate amounts of pure water, herbal tea, and some fresh squeezed green juices.

I know this might sound scary but I can promise you this eating clean in between can be easily accomplished in a few strategic steps and or suggestions.

Step 1:  have at least 16-24oz’s of pure water upon rising.  Within the next hour have a green smoothie that consist of 75% greens and 25% fruit.  Blend it all in a high speed blender and drink as much as you like for breakfast (12 ozs  is 6-8 servings of vegetables)

Step 2: Lunch between noon and 2pm; Eat your heaviest meal of the day here.  I have a huge salad with some avocado on it and a quarter cup of nuts.  A cup of soup of your choice.  A dip with some fresh veggies are a few more options.  The goal is to eat until you are completely full and satisfied.

Step 3:  Dinner should be light and no later than 7pm.  I have a veggie stir fry and or a couple of lentil tacos.  A healthy casserole is a great option as well.

It takes 2-3 hours to digest a meal and we should be going to bed at around 10 pm.  This way we sleep on an empty stomach so that our bodies can cleanse and repair during this time.

If you would like some recipes and or more information on eating clean please register for our class,

Healthy Holiday Treats and Drinks”.

Until next time, happy clean in between eating

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