SRT (Stress Reduction Therapy): 7-week protocol

We all have daily stressors in our lives, but most are hidden.  SRT utilizes non-invasive Laser Light Therapy to assist your body with harmony and balance.  We test over 100 sensitivities to uncover hidden stressors.  A computerized scan is done to see what your body is sensitive to, and how it is out of balance, then help it learn not to be. SRT takes the body from dis-ease and disharmony and allows the body to function better.  By appointment only.

Please contact us to set up an appointment. We can be reached at 989-607-4278 or


What our clients have to say about our SRT BioFeedback Machine:

“My allergies are improved.”
– Ron G.

“My digestive system and food reaction improved tremendously.”
– Jeanee D.

“Bioscan helped me address my emotions bringing me into and helping me maintain balance.”
– Mary P.